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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween and Other Things!

I'm a little late with my Halloween blog! I have been sick with sinus stuff that I came down with on Halloween and still battling it! The joys of pregnancy and being sick!!

The Friday before Halloween we went to Boo at the Zoo with some friends and their kids. We had a great time! It was fun watching Lawson holding his candy bucket up and then look in it with amazement at the candy! It was pretty cold that day so we didn't stay too long and then went to dinner at Moe's. Saturday we went over to some friends house to watch the Auburn game. Sunday I went to a friend's baby shower and then after Lawson woke up we went to the fall festival at the church where he attends MDO.

Halloween, he went to school in his costume and had fun at his Halloween party. Then my parents and in-laws came over to tag along trick or treating. Lawson had a blast!! After every house he would run up to us saying "I love candy!!" We stayed out for an hour or so and then he was done. I think he would have lasted longer if his candy bucket wasn't so heavy.

This year his was the mail man! I thought he was adorable and he got lots of compliments on how unique the costume was!!

Last weekend, Mitch went to the AL/LSU game. He was gone all day Saturday so my mom, sister, Lawson and me went to Disney On Ice. I wasn't sure how he would do because getting him to sit still for an extended amount of time is next to impossible! He actually did really well! He got a little antsy but after intermission he was okay. He danced and clapped to the songs! I considered it a success!!!

Today we will be putting together Lawson's big boy bed! If all goes well, he will be sleeping in it tonight! Wish us luck!!

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