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Friday, September 7, 2012

July Beach Trip 2012

We just got back from our annual beach trip with our friends, Brian and Rachel and their kids.  We were down there for 8 days and had a great time...despite the rainy weather!  Our first full day was a little on the rainy side and overcast.  The rest of the week was pretty nice until Wednesday and it was hit or miss. We at least got some time at the beach but not near the entire day like we had all hoped for.  

Lawson had a great time swimming in the ocean and pool.  He built sand castles with his buddies.  Some of our other friends came down with their kids (their parents happened to have a place a few house down from my parents) so we enjoyed hanging out with them.  Monday night, Rachel, Sarah and I decided to have a girls night out and enjoyed a nice quiet dinner at Cobalts!  Tuesday, Mitch and Brian were supposed to go fishing but the weather was unpredictable so they decided not to go.  Rachel and I let them have the afternoon by themselves (since we had a night out) and we took the boys to see Ice Age.  

We didn't conquer to many dinners out with all 4 kids!  We did get to eat at one of our favorite places, Louisiana Lagniappe and enjoyed some fried food at Bubba's.  Thursday morning, Rachel and I took Lawson and Cole to the Hangout for the pirate breakfast!  It was a little corny but the kids seemed to like it.  The rest of the week they insisted on wearing the pirate bandana and eye patch.  Well worth the money!!  

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