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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ready, Set.....WALK

So after much forcing the walking issue on Lawson, he finally gave in. Last night, my in-laws were over and my FIL was playing a game with him and he would stagger from the ottoman to the couch. So my FIL decided that each time Lawson came back he would move the ottoman a little bit further away from the couch. We would all cheer for him, which he loves, and he decided to walk from the ottoman to me. It was probably about 5 steps but still. He stopped in the middle of it and stood there and the continued on walking. So today, Mitch and I worked with him again and he really caught on. He is hilarious when he starts because he puts his hands up in the air, tongue hanging out, and laughing the whole time.
Now he will not just get up and start walking....but we are getting there. He started walking along the couch but not holding on to anything! I am so proud of him!! He has really figured it out and it is just a matter of time before I am chasing him around!!!!
Here is a little video we got with our phone....sorry for the quality!

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