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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a Mac World

So I posted a few weeks ago about how excited I was about getting our new computer.....I am now recanting that statement! We had previously bought a Dell and got a good deal on it. But since day 1 of having it, I had constant issues with the printer. I was seriously calling them every other week with some issue with this printer. Their customer service was terrible. I would be transferred to different people and no one knew what they were doing. Finally on Monday, they told me (after 3 hours and 2 people) that I needed a new printer and they were going to send me one. That night I went to get on the Internet and poof! we got a virus. We called Dell again to see if they could help us and they said "of course but for a fee of $129". We were told we had a year hardware warranty and 60 day warranty for software...but viruses were an exception. So after another 3 hours we were done. I called and wanted to return this stupid computer and printer and get my money back. They then told me I couldn't because it was out of their 21 day return period. So we were furious!!! The next day I got a phone call from Dell wanting to know if I was able to have my returned processed and I told him no and the reason and he said that they could go ahead and do it and he was going to transfer me to the return department. The return person had no clue why I was transferred but since someone from Dell initiated the call, they were going to have to return my computer! BEST NEWS YET!!!!!! So we returned it and are getting a full refund for the computer and the crappy printer.

Yesterday, we went to apple store. We purchased a new iMac and couldn't be happier with it so far!!! The people in the store knew so much about the computer and were so helpful! Then when I got home, I was trying to figure it out and called the tech support. I got an American on the phone (don't get me wrong, I'm all for equal opportunities but it is really nice to get someone on the phone who can understand you and vice versa). She was so helpful. Then she emailed me all these great, helpful documents on getting to know my mac. Talk about customer service!! I'm really happy about our purchase!! Now I want an iPad 2!!!!

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