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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like A Fish

So Lawson started swim lessons on Monday. I enrolled him in them a month ago and have been kind of curious to see how he would do. I had wanted to put Lawson in lessons because he is fearless when it comes to water and I thought that he would learn some of the basics. He has done really well. He goes under water without a problem. He walks in the water fine and has even starting kicking his feet. He definitely LOVES the water!!

The only problem I have had with the lessons, is I am not sure what the end result should be. The teacher is really sweet....but young. And all we really do is sing songs and push a noodle around. Most of the other stuff is me doing it with him myself. Some of the other mom's starting talking about it today. I don't want to get the teacher in trouble but I am spending $90 on lessons for two weeks and I want him to learn something other than how to do the hokey pokey. Anyone else put their kids in lessons around this age? Suggestions on what to do??

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