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Monday, August 8, 2011


So I realized it has been over a month since I blogged. So I will just give a quick recap of what's been going on with us.

Right after the 4th of July, we got some bad news that my father in law has lung cancer. So after numerous tests they confirmed that is was a tumor in his lung but that it was the least aggressive and most responsive to treatment. They biopsied his lymph nodes and while doing that they said it had moved to his liver. So now it is considered Stage 4. He just received his 1st round of chemo, Friday, and will receive treatment once every 3 weeks for 9 weeks. After that, he will have another pet scan and confirm that it has not moved anywhere else. Then he will begin radiation. So needless to say it has been quite a stressful few weeks of just waiting to hear what the next step is. Any prayers are appreciated because this is going to be a long road.

We took our annual trip to the beach. We had a lot of fun but most of it was waiting to hear what was happening with my father in law. Lawson and Cole had a blast together. So all in all it was a fun trip!

The next few weekends were filled with a company party, family reunion/wedding shower and birthday party.

We don't have any travel plans for a while but are weekends have been filled with all sort of things to do. We have a birthday party this weekend, Mitch turns the BIG 3-0 on the 20th, then next thing I know, it will be time to celebrate my little one's 2 year old birthday!! Can't believe he will be 2 next month!

That's about it with us. Hope everyone has had a good summer and getting ready for football season and cooler weather!!!

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