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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never

I just realized (after a friend told me) that it has been quite a while since my last post. I went back and looked and my last post was in October!!  Where does time go??!!  So here is a quick recap of what the Jones' have been up to these last months!

Holidays came and went as usual.  We had a nice, low key Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We took the kids on the North Pole Express this year.  It was a lot of fun....but now contemplating whether it is worth the money to do it again.  Lawson performed in his first Christmas play!  We were so proud!!
Before the Polar Express

Thanksgiving 2012

Lawson, Cole, Cooper and Hudson (the other two were sick)...they were excited!!

Lawson at his first Christmas play

The New Year came in with a bang....both kids sick so it was spent at home with the boys!!

The whole family got the lovely stomach bug!  Starting with Hudson and ending with Mitch.  Poor Lawson had it worse than any of was pitiful!

Lawson had a great year at MDO!  He loved his teacher and the kids in his class!  We are looking forward it starting back in August!!

Lawson on the 100 day of school!  He wore a monster with 100 eyes!!

My sister had a beautiful baby boy on January 17th.  I was there to witness the whole thing and it is a totally different experience watching it!!

My nephew, Barrett!

On Easter, we stood by our dear friends as they were baptized and confirmed into our church!!  It was great!!!

In April our little Hudson turned 1!!!  We had a small birthday party for him at the house.  Mickey Mouse theme!!

Spring was busy and now summer has come in full force!  We have been to the beach once and have 1 maybe 2 more trips planned!!  Lawson has started playing tball and has his first game on Tuesday!!  We are super excited!!!
Our little Tball player!!

We were going to go the beach for the 4th....but after the entire Jones house having a summer cold we decided we should just stay put.  The weather looked bad for the beach anyway....and I'm glad we made that decision.  It rained down there the entire time!  We enjoyed a low key weekend here.  We went to the McWane center on the 4th and got some yummy pizza (that I continue to think about!) downtown.  Mitch and I enjoyed a much needed date night with some friends and then Lawson and I went to a birthday party at the movies to see Despicable Me 2.  

 Watching Daddy throw poppers!

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