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Monday, March 14, 2011

All Dogs Go To Heaven

So today was a sad day. My childhood dog, Houston, had to be put to sleep. He was 14 and was not doing well. He had been throwing up for the past week and the doctor's said his xrays looked like he had swallowed something metallic, more than likely a coin. But the doctor said that if they went in and removed it, the likelihood of him making it through surgery was not good. We have known this day has been coming but always hoped he would just go on his own. He had epilepsy and a few times we thought he wasn't going to make it but he kept on going. But the old dog just didn't have any more fight in him.

So we all discussed doing the humane thing, which would be letting him go peacefully, or the selfish thing, in him having the surgery, hopefully making it through just so we could have him around a little bit longer. We chose to go ahead and let him go. My mom didn't want to be there when it happened and was just going to let the vet do it but I really wanted to be there. I could not imagine him leaving this earth without knowing what a good dog he was and being around loved ones. I know he was just a dog....but he was the BEST dog. I felt like I was living my own "Marley and Me" moment. I will never be able to watch that movie again. So my mom decided it was the right thing to do with us being there.

We all met up there and visited with him for a few minutes. He looked bad. He had lost 16 lbs in the last days and he could barely breath. So we told the vet that it was time. My mom and I were on both sides of him when he passed. My sister and step dad were behind us. We just told him over and over that we loved him and he was the best dog. About a minute after the vet gave him the shot...he had left us.

Houston was part of our family. He was a big fluffy dog that we laid on, swam with in the lake, cuddled next to when we were sick. He will be missed!!

We love you Houston. You were a great dog!!!

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  1. i know you might not believe me, but i am sorry for you guys. when i first saw the title, i thought it might be suede and i was actually a tad relieved to see it wasn't her... even though she hated us:).