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Friday, August 7, 2009

Pregnancy Does The Weirdest Things

So I noticed on Tuesday that my right eye was extremely dry. I thought it was just my contacts and maybe some allergies. So that night I went home took out the contacts and put my glasses on. My eye starts pouring water...which again I thought it was just my allergies. Then Wednesday morning I was brushing my teeth and realized when I went to spit I could spit out of one side of my face. As the day went on it got a little worse. I realized I could not really move the right side of my face. So I called the doctor and they told me to come in. I saw the on call doctor since my regular doctor was in Gadsden. He told me he wanted me to go see a neurologist and come back tomorrow to see my regular doctor.

So I went back to the doctor yesterday. She told me that I have Bells Palsy. Which apparently is common in pregnant women who have gestational diabetes. It, like the diabetes, will go away after (or even before) delivery. So now I have to take a steroid and antibiotic (all are safe during pregnancy) to help the Bells Palsy. But since I have gestational diabetes, the steroids will make my blood sugar levels uncontrollable without insulin. So now I have to be put on insulin on Monday.

From now until Lawson arrives, I will be at the doctor twice a week. Once to be checked to make sure I am not dialating and then twice a week to be hooked up to a fetal monitor to make sure I am not contracting. At least I only have a few weeks left, and since I have to go twice a week maybe it will make these last few weeks go by quickly.

They moved our ultrasound to Monday instead of the 20th, so we will find out how big Lawson is!!! I am really excited! I am trying to be optimistic because we have prayed so long for this child and I know all this is totally worth! Just a little overwhelming to deal with in the last final weeks!

I will keep you posted on our appointments on Monday. Please continue to keep us in your prayers through these final weeks!!

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