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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Doctor's Visit and A Neighborhood Tragedy

Well, on Friday night I started feeling a little "if-y" and when I woke up Saturday morning I felt even worse. So I took myself to the doc in the box to see what was going on. They did a strep test and a sinus scan. The strep test came up negative but the doctor said it could have been because it was too early and that I had a really bad sinus infection. One shot and two antibiotics later, I am still recovering. All day Saturday into Sunday morning I continued to run a high fever. Lawson went to stay at my mom's house Sunday night so I could get one more day of rest and by then I was feeling a lot better. I have a feeling I did have strep because I have had sinus infections before and none of them have knocked me on my bootie like this did. I am still on the antibiotic for a few more days so hopefully I will be A-OK by this weekend and definitely by next Wednesday for our VEGAS TRIP!!!!
Lawson's 1 year check up was yesterday. He is 20 lbs and 29 inches long. The doctor said he looks great and is growing steadily. He had to get 4 shots, including his flu shot, and a finger prick. None of which he was happy about. But he was a trooper and did not cry too much. He is such a good baby. He is always smiling and laughing. And when he is not acting like that you know he must not feel great. He still is not walking, but it may be any day now. Watch it happen while I am in Vegas. He just knows he can get every where he needs to by crawling...and can get there in a hurry. He pushes his little car around so we know he can do is just a matter of when.
On to the tragedy....
There is a man that lives down the street from us. He would always drive his motorcycle or "crotch rocket" up and down the street....really fast. We all talked about how he shouldn't be going that fast because he could really hurt a child. So on Monday afternoon, I was in the kitchen and you could hear him on his bike...zooming down the street. Mitch had said that he was going to go flag him down and tell him to slow down but I told him let's just call the city police department and just tell them to patrol down here. About 5 minutes later, our neighbor across the street calls and tells us that he just got hit by a pick up truck and was underneath it and there was no way he could have survived it. So we walk outside because you could see it from our driveway. All the neighbors were standing outside watching this horrible scene unfold. A few minutes later another neighbor drove by and confirmed what we all thought. He did in fact die. One of his neighbors went and got his wife and daughter and drove up there. The police had it blocked but they pulled into the driveway and waited to hear what we all knew. Once they police told her, you could hear her screaming and crying. My heart breaks for the family. I can not imagine what they are going through, or do I want to ever imagine that kind of heartache. It was such a surreal scene that really no one spoke.
Mitch and I came back in the house and we were both speechless. I couldn't even eat dinner. I didn't know the family that well, just the simple waves as they drove by but it really hits close to home.
I just pray that they are able to find some peace in this tragic thing that has happened to them. So when you read this, just say a prayer for he and his family. It put somethings into perspective. At that moment, I was thankful that I wasn't feeling well because at least I was alive! I was thankful that Lawson was tearing up the yellowpages because that meant he was alive. I was thankful that Mitch walked through the door from work safe because that meant he was alive. So that night when I went to bed, I hugged Lawson a little bit tighter, told Mitch how much I appreciated him taking care of me and Lawson while I was sick and thanked God that my family is safe, healthy and happy.
Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

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