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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lawson's First Beach Trip

So this past Thursday, Mitch was going to Dauphin Island for an inshore fishing trip with some work people. So we decided to make a long weekend out of it! Lawson and I headed down on Thursday to the beach house and Mitch joined us Friday afternoon!
Friday we went and met Laney, an old friend from high school, in Foley and then Lawson and I headed to outlet mall. After Mitch got home on Friday we went to eat at Guy Harvey's for dinner and called it a night fairly early.

Saturday we got up, fed Lawson and loaded up the car with all the stuff we had to take! I wish I would have taken a picture because you would have thought we were moving to the beach. We took the tent, beach chairs including Lawson's, 2 beach bags, cooler and Lawson's float. I carried Lawson and the float, and Mitch had the rest!

We put everything up and got situated and sat Lawson on a blanket...and he crashed! It was time for his AM nap anyways! Then after he woke up, he ate his lunch and bottle and then proceeded to eat the sand for dessert! He LOVED the sand! He LOVED the beach! He just was so taken in by everything and trying to figure everything out. We then took him to the water and he just squealed when the waves would come up to him. We attempted to take him in the ocean but the waves were a little too big and we didn't want to traumatize him. So we took him back up to the tent where he played in the sand, threw the sand and of course ate the sand! He then took nap #2 and when he woke up...we loaded back up and went to the pool!

Today, my sister, Lawson and I are heading back down there for memorial day weekend! This is what I love most about summer....trips to the beach!

I remember last year in July...being at the beach, 7 months preggers and miserable, and Mitch saying to me "this is our last year at the beach...just us"! And I wouldn't have it any other way!!

eating the sand

chillin' at the beach

playing in the water
worn out!

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